5 Best Foreign Languages to Learn in 2021

Foreign Languages


Learning a second language, or if you are already bilingual, a third is very beneficial. These advantages go past helping you communicate and connect with various individuals from all over the world. As a multiple-language speaker, you’ll have a better experience while travelling and studying. It is also a great addition for your resume. Many people want to learn a new language but they have no idea which one to learn.

When you are picking a foreign language, you should consider your interests. That includes things such as travels, and career goals. If you are still overwhelmed and have no idea what to choose for your online language classes, here are some of the best options.


Arabic is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after languages. If you intend to invest in the growing economies in the Middle East and Africa, this is an ideal language to learn. A report by the World Economic Forum, indicated that Arabic ranked fifth among the most powerful languages worldwide. As trade interests in Arab nations continue to grow, it will likely continue climbing the ranks.

2.Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is currently the languages spoken by a largest number of people worldwide. Even the Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg has showed off his skills in the past, impressing many. If you are in the business world, knowing Mandarin is an asset. China’s GDP is already growing and about to overtake the U.S. Additionally, it is the largest country in the world.

Apart from the business incentive, there are several other reasons why you should learn Mandarin. As the most spoken language worldwide and with the second highest number of users online, there will be ample opportunity to sharpen your skills.


Officially, German is spoken as a language in 6 countries. These are Germany, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. On average, around a hundred million people speak the language. Because Germany is Europe’s leading economy speaking their language will be beneficial for you. If you work in diplomacy or international trade, all the more reason to learn German.


Learning Spanish can be a great investment and it will take you far. Spanish is spoken by many people. It is also the official language for several countries including Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Spain, Argentina among many others. Because of this, it means that as you learn the language, there will be a lot of opportunities to practice and expand your knowledge in Spanish. Globally, there is an average of 480 million people that are native speakers of this language.


When it comes to choosing foreign languages, most people don’t consider Hindi. This is surprising especially because it is among the most spoken worldwide, with over 300 million native speakers. Based on this alone, Hindi is another language that you should consider learning. Moreover, taking up this language exposes you to a mix of several fascinating cultures.

Learning anew language is something everyone should strive to do. Other languages that you should consider learning are Portuguese and French. If you have already decided on a language, there are several reputable sites where you can gain this knowledge and experience.

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