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They say that the first impression is the last impression. Well, a first impression indeed steals the show and has often left a permanent mark in the minds of the recruiters. If you are a fan of the famous sociopath, a resident of 221B Baker street, William Sherlock Scott Holmes, you can definitely relate to one of his famous sayings. If not, binge BBC Sherlock on Netflix now!

‘Anderson don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street’- Sherlock Holmes. Exactly the same pathetic scenario will occur if your introductory video is not all appropriate as per the guidelines or requirements of the organizations.

What is an introductory video?

‘How to create an introductory video?‘ is one the most searched search queries in Google and the number is close to 9.9B. Gigantic, isn’t it? Undoubtedly people across the globe are going gaga over this topic because it has become an integral part of every job or education regarding interviews.

An introductory video is a short clip where candidates have to mention certain points about themselves. As in their interests, experience, qualifications, and skill sets that will make them the best fit for the organization they are applying in. These intro videos often portray the IQ level of the interviewees and if it is like Anderson’s, well, it’s a red flag!

The best online TEFL certifications provide an ample amount of knowledge on the introductory videos to the students who opt for this online course. There are multiple dos and don’ts of the introductory video. One must be extremely cautious to ace this test.

Topmost priorities for filming an introductory video:

Filming a proper introductory video needs a bit more elbow grease than a normal video. There are multiple factors that you must keep in mind before recording this kind of video. Be it for an educational organization or a corporate one, you must be utterly professional and confident while representing yourself by an introductory video.

The TEFL recruiters might send you a sample to be followed along with some mandatory instructions. It is absolutely necessary to abide by those rules but you should never forget to show how special you are and that your qualities are totally unparalleled.

These followings you must keep a note of before you start filming the video.

Noise in the background: Your locality has a lot of different people and it is not possible to pause their daily routine or household chores depending on your activities. However, you must make sure that there is no background noise when you’re filming the video.

Getting a perfectly quiet background is never smooth sailing. There must be sounds coming from the washing machines, vacuum cleaners, barking of dogs, people talking inside your home, and so on. In such a case, you must choose a time during which people are not much active.

Using a noise cancellation microphone can reduce the background noise to a great extent. Shut all the doors and windows and go to that corner of your home where people do not invade much.

Relevant background: Once you find a spot where there is not much noise, the next step will be checking for a perfect wall for your background. Whenever the case is as serious as an introductory video, always go for a wall that creates a soothing effect, rather than a peaceful ambiance.

A pastel shade wall or any light tint monochrome wall is a cherry on the cake. However, if you want to add some aesthetic corporate touch, you can choose a wall that has a bookshelf, some beautiful aesthetic pictures, a shelf full of pots of plants, and so on. Anesthetic walls always vibe with the psychology of the recruiters.

Attire: Clothing plays an important role in an introductory video. While applying for teaching business English or English in any non-speaking English nation, it is highly essential to maintain a certain decorum and professionalism.

You do not have to walk on eggshells to choose the best attire for filming the video. All you need to do is to keep it subtle and crisp. Wearing a sports t-shirt and a jogger will get you barking up the wrong tree. Instead, you can have light-colored top-wear and can pair it up with a dark bottom.

Remember; never wear a dress that matches the color of the wall you’ll be using as a background. It is not a mission at the border that you will camouflage yourself.

Camera and Microphone: Besides those two factors, the TEFL course inculcates a sense of responsibility in the students. If you pursue this course, you will obviously understand the importance of the stability of electronic gadgets while recording a video.

Once the employers spot that your gadgets are not in order, they will never spare the thought of not rejecting you. While applying for a job that demands teaching online, all the appliances you use ought to be perfectly functioning. If any of the tools fail, your professionalism will be at a stake!

Chalk a strategy out and then step into the mission:

Morris Chang, CEO of TSMC said, ‘Without strategy execution is aimless. Without execution strategy is useless.’ Emphasizing this powerful statement, I want to add a few words. If you’re planning to have a teaching experience you must chalk out a strategy beforehand on how to deal with your students.

Not all your students are going to be as euphoric for education as the pioneer, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Neither everyone will be as attentive as Kadambini Ganguly, who crossed many perilous hurdles to become the first-ever female doctor in Asia. There will be a heterogeneous mixture where some will be observant; a few will be unmindful, and so on.

TEFL qualifications educate the candidates to deal with all kinds of students. The main purpose is to teach non-English speakers how to speak in English.

This spectrum of non-English speakers is superbly vast. It can be government schools, private schools, language institutions, or maybe business schools. Cross-cultural management becomes an integral part of classroom management.

While giving an interview, you can never expect what on the earth can be asked! It is entirely unpredictable and definitely not all moonlight and roses.

The take-off: A jovial attitude with sheer positivity will ensure a wonderful beginning of the video. Introduce yourself with a beautiful smile and distinct pronunciation of your name. Post that, let the recruiter know about where you stay, your educational qualification, and skills that make you the best suited for the company.

For an instance, “Hey, this is Iva Ganguly. I’m from Kolkata and I am a TEFL qualified teacher with a degree in MBA, Marketing Management.

Skills or Experience: This particular area is indeed confusing and I bet you will rack your brain to figure out which one to start with. If you have prior teaching experience, feel free to roll the dice with it. You’re at no loss!

Given that you have never been an English teacher before, it will be wise to say your educational qualification. Your post-graduate degree can also create a massive impression. Always try to stick to whatever you have written in the resume. Just don’t go for a cock-and-bull story, otherwise, you’ll be hammering the last nail on the coffin.

The recruiters tend to map the things you will say on a tape with the things you have mentioned in your resume. If needed, keep your resume with you while you’re making the video. But hey, reading lines from your resume will simply send you back to the pavilion!

Why TEFL: Teaching English to people who are not native English speakers is one of the biggest job markets across the globe. You must be clear enough to make the recruiter understand that you’re highly passionate to teach people.

Try to convert the job responsibilities into your strength. Suppose, it says that country A has a requirement of a TEFL qualified teacher who will teach English the business professionals. Make it your USP. You can add points like you have great interpersonal skills that provide insurance for your eligibility in the job role.

Go fishing for a compliment!

The reason behind choosing that particular country:  De facto, this part is utterly crucial. If you’re unaware of the socio-economic status, literacy rate, culture, and religion of the country yet trying to explain the reason, you’re definitely backing the wrong horse.

It is not necessary to know all the thing that is happening in the country but all those mentioned facts are pretty important. Along with that, you must also keep a note of the tourism business of that country.

For example, you can say that apart from the other points, the scenic beauty (if any) fascinates you like anything. Besides teaching the people over there, exploring the mesmerizing vacation spots are also a part of your dream.

Footnote: Do not stop recording the video before bidding adieu. Simply explain that you have finished speaking and sign off with a poised smile.


TEFL course online has given a classic opportunity to the aspirants and experienced educators to learn about how to teach English to non-native speakers. The recruiters will expect you to have an attitude like that of a teacher. Your way of speaking should similar to an educator’s. They should start believing that you’re ready for a classroom experience even you do not have any prior teaching experience.

Attitude is everything. Blend it with your positive aura and confidence to crack the deal. The steps being discussed are as simple as a cookie crumbles.

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