Brand Essence Wheel- Why Define Brand Essence For Online Training Programs?

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Branding is the practice of creating a name, logo, and symbol for a product to create an image in the mind of consumers. Brand essence is a characteristic that defines the characters of the brand. It brings forth the concepts like value, brand vision, and mission of your company.

Brand essence is the soul of your company. If you know what your business is about, it automatically becomes easier to convince your customers and make them a part of your company. Generally, the companies describe their essence in a few words, as is the case with Nike- “innovation and inspiration”. With the help of brand essence, it is easier to design logos, campaigns, and taglines for your audience.

The formula of brand essence

Brand essence = Goals + What You Do + Your Value

Brand essence is the centre of all the thoughts and feelings associated with a company. 

Why define brand essence for training programs?

Some examples of brand essence, like in Volvo’s safety, show that brand essence definition allows putting the soul in the company. The benefits of using the brand essence are-

Better marketing

When you understand what your company wants, you can develop an advertising and awareness campaign. Nowadays, it is essential to connect with the audience on an emotional level. Brand essence makes you get connected emotionally with your customers using your online platform. In addition, many companies use technology like VR to advertise their products.

Higher expectations

If you have been a part of the business world for a long time, then there is a good chance you noticed that customers are highly connected to the company, which means that customers’ demands and expectations with brands are increasing day by day. Manufacturing your unique brand essence will help your company form its individuality and identity in the market. For this to happen, you will have to perform some market research highlighting the needs, desires, expectations of your target customer base.

Creating a Team

Having a brand in the company means creating a team. A brand of the program unites everyone like developers, programmers, artists, writers, designers, managers, SEM, etc. When a team abounds, then people feel motivated and work with dedication towards their goal.

Identify The Personality of The Product

One of the best benefits of branding is to identify and shine the spotlight on the product’s personality. Once you determine this, you will judge the way people respond to your program. Often companies design programs after defining their personality before the audience to gauge their reaction to it. This helps them modify their program’s characteristics later on.

Communicate That You Care About Your Employees

Branding your online platform sends the right signals to the employees. It shows that you care about their professional development and like to invest in the skill. 

How to build the brand essence of your online training program?

There are the following ways to build the brand for online training programs.

1.Leadership support and Commitment

Leadership plays a key role in the success of any online platform. Learning programs with many leaders are more effective than those with fewer leaders. The freshers or learners can collaborate with leaders while designing the program.


Many learners are conscious of the purpose of the online courses and do not want to waste their energy and time on the trivial. They want to know the purpose of their work. Therefore, the drive must stand well-defined before them.

er of online platforms is to make the audience more critical. So focus on the audience is a crucial factor in these online programs. Moreover, the focus of any training program should be on the users and potential customers instead of merely buyers.

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