How To Write an Introduction for A Dissertation?

A Dissertation


The introduction is part of the first chapter of your dissertation. It would be helpful if you gave the reader a strong beginning. Your research paper should have a clear focus, goal, and direction. Therefore, the following topics must be addressed in the introduction.

  • Topic and setting: it provides the reader with the background information needed to understand the dissertation.
  • Focus and scope: the introduction should include the topics to be covered.
  • Significance and Vitality: This should describe how the study fits into other research on the topic.
  • Questions and Objectives: This section describes the research questions and methods.
  • Overarching Structure: this should indicate how each chapter of the dissertation contributes to the overall goal.

How the Introduction Begins

Although it makes sense to write the introduction at the beginning of your dissertation, you are not required to do so. Usually, the introduction is written after the dissertation is completed. However, it may be beneficial to write the introduction before you begin your research in order to have some guidance. It may be helpful if you have already prepared a research proposal. It can be expanded and used as a model for other similar parts. However, be careful! The introduction should be revised frequently to make sure it is consistent with the content of the chapters.

The introduction is helpful if it includes all of the above elements.

Topic and setting

The introduction to your topic provides necessary background knowledge. It is important to contextualise your research and create curiosity. It attempts to show whether the topic is relevant or essential (e.g., by mentioning a relevant scientific article, an academic discussion, or a very specific problem).

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Focus and scope

After providing an overview of your topic, you can determine the scope of your research. To illustrate:

  • What geographic areas are you interested in?
  • What time period will your researches cover?
  • Will you be conducting community-specific research?
  • Do you intend to explore specific topics or questions in your dissertation?

Both importance and emphasis

Clearly describe why you are conducting this study and how it connects to previous research on this topic and its original discoveries.

This includes citing key research findings and explaining the intended contribution of your study to the field in question to provide an overview of the current state of affairs. In a literature review position, a more thorough study is provided.

Depending on the field, the importance of your research may be in practical application or in furthering the scientific understanding of the subject. It would be better if you clarify how your dissertation:

  • Contribute to solving real-world problems
  • Fill a gap in knowledge
  • Advances current research
  • Provides a new perspective on the subject

Objective and inquiries

Your choice of subject area, topic, and focus will greatly influence how you formulate your research questions and objectives. However, you must clearly state the main objective of your research. This is the most important section of your introduction, as it sets the tone for the rest of your dissertation.

Here you can test hypotheses by establishing a conceptual framework that shows relationships between variables. You can also elaborate on the research techniques used. However, it is unnecessary to go into too much depth here if you have a separate chapter on methodology.

General structure

You can help the reader navigate the dissertation by outlining the general outline and briefly summarising the extent to which each chapter aligns with your main objectives. It is better if you have a clear overall outline. To define the topic of each chapter, you will need one or two sentences.

If your research paper is more complicated or does not adhere to a conventional framework, you may require a paragraph for each chapter. If your structure deviates from the norm, you will need to prove that everything fits together.

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