MBBS in Russia: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Students

Guide for Indian Students


The strong competition for admission to government medical colleges might make it difficult for Indian students who want to become doctors. This is where Russian MBBS stands out as a strong substitute. For Indians aspiring to become doctors, Russia is a popular destination because of its renowned colleges, reasonable tuition, and recognised worldwide degrees. Everything you require to pursue an MBBS in Russia for Indian students is included in this comprehensive handbook.

Why Should Indian Students Consider MBBS in Russia?

Indian students’ choice for MBBS degrees in Abroad is determined by a variety of factors:

Cost-Effective: MBBS in Russia has significantly lower tuition compared to the pricey premium medical colleges in India. While private medical colleges in India might charge anything from INR 25 Lakhs to INR 1 Crore [MBBS Russia cost], the typical cost of an MBBS in Russia is between INR 15 Lacs and INR 50 Lacs for the whole programme.

Degree That Is Globally Recognised: After passing the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), Indian graduates of medical universities who wish to do MBBS in Russia for Indian students are permitted to practise medicine in India by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India. Global practice opportunities are also made possible by the recognition of numerous universities by international organisations such as WDOMS and ECFMG.

Robustness Education System: Medical studies have an extensive background in Russia, which has a widely recognised education system. Universities establish a strong foundation for medical education while they have skilled instructors and modern infrastructure.

Importance of Practical Training: Along with knowledge of theory, practical training is given special attention in Russian medical education. Early clinical hours give students practical experience and help them become prepared for the actual world of medicine.

English-medium availability: Numerous institutions provide MBBS degrees in English, reducing a probable barrier to registration for applicants from India who understand nothing but English.

Russia’s MBBS eligibility

Indian students require to comply with the following criteria in order become accepted into MBBS in Russia:

  • Must have accomplished Class 12 with at least 50% of the potential grades in PCB (physics, chemistry, and biology).
  • A valid score earned through the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is required.
  • Within the range of 17 to 25 years.
  • Medically competent to pursue a medical degree.

Admission Procedure

In Russia, the MBBS recruitment process generally encompasses the following steps:

Choosing a University: Do research and find an English-language Medical program-granting university that is officially certified by the NMC.

Document Preparation: Gather all the necessary documents, that includes your passport, healthcare certificate, Class 12 documentation, and NEET scorecard.

Application Submission: Send all the required documentation and the completed application form to the university of your preference.

Entrance Examination (if applicable): For students from other countries, specific institutions can conduct their own entrance tests.

Invitation Letter and Student Visa Application: After being granted admission, seek a letter of acceptance from the university and submit a student visa application.

Russia’s finest institutions for MBBS:

  • M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  • Pirogov National Medical University
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  • Tver State Medical University

Several medical universities in Russia are renowned for providing high-quality education. For Indian students, what follows are some of the top choices:

As previously stated, MBBS in Russia is considerably more affordable than private medical universities in India. There are two elements that contribute to the total expense:

Institutional Costs: The expense of tuition ranges according to the university and the duration of the programme (usually six years). Their yearly pay might vary from INR 2.5 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs.

Living Expenses: Subject to the city and way of life, there are variations among food, housing, and other costs associated with living.

Additional Things to Consider About

In advance of beginning your MBBS degree in Russia, take into consideration the points that follow:

Learning a language: Although certain universities offer English-medium courses of study, possessing some knowledge of Russian will enhance your educational experience overall.

Cultural Adjustment: Sometimes can be challenging to adjust to a foreign environment or way of life. Acknowledge that much of Russia has more wintertime temperatures and distinct cultures.

FMGE test: For the opportunity to practise medicine in India after acquiring your MBBS in Russia, you need to clear the FMGE test.

In summary

For Indian students seeking a cost-effective, exceptional medical education, Russia’s MBBS curriculum provides an appealing option. Russia is a great starting point for a lucrative medical career given its internationally recognised degrees, competent academic system, and commitment to practical education. Taking into consideration the standards for eligibility, the process for being admitted, and related expenditures, you can choose sensibly whether or not to pursue an MBBS in Russia.

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