Spanish lessons in London

Spanish lessons in London


If you are looking for Spanish lessons in London you can have a look at Happy Languages, Spanish school based in the City who offers many different options to suit you.

Happy Languages was created in 2013 and, since then, it delivers high quality group courses and individual lessons. At the very beginning the school was in Holborn, in the beautiful Bloomsbury Square. As it grew, in 2016 it moved to a fabulous location in the Aldgate Tower, just above Aldgate East tube station and then, in 2019 it moved again to David Game College, in Aldgate, a bigger venue where its possible to hold several group courses in a perfect setting.

Being in such a crucial area in London means facilitating students who want to have class after work and be able to quickly catch a train or bus after lesson or find a cool place to spend time with friends!

Spanish teachers

Happy Languages carefully recruits teachers who are highly qualified and have a specific experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They choose the best material and activities to make students learn new topics and practise them straight away in a realistic communicative situation. This helps students get familiar with the language and increase their confidence, constantly improving their skills and having a lot of fun!

Group courses

At Happy Languages you can find group courses at all levels taking place in the evening, both face-to-face and online. The group size is normally up to 12 students per class, which means that teachers can pay attention to each participant and easily manage the group. Courses are based on a specific syllabus and thoroughly planned in order to make students learn new contents and put them into practice with different activities and fun games. All the textbooks used are the most up to date on the market and include modern and interesting topics to go through.

One-to-one lessons

For all those who cant commit to a group course or prefer an individual lesson, the school offers one-to-one classes, both face-to-face and online, that can be scheduled depending on the students availability. Its possible to choose among different blocks of lessons depending on preference and customers can also decide the length of their tuition. All these options make individual lessons extremely flexible and adaptable to students needs, that can be discussed with the teacher to make the most of each session. Materials are chosen by the teacher after considering the students level and language goals and are an excellent tool to make a step-up.

Intensive one-to-one lessons

Happy Languages also offers intensive individual classes: packages of 10, 15, 20 or 25 hours to be taken within one week. These intensive lessons are perfect for students who have a specific motivation to learn Spanish and want to save time speeding up their learning process.

Live streaming lessons

On top of the face-to-face and online classes, the school offers one free live streaming Spanish lesson per month about useful and interesting topics. The main feature of these lessons is that students can interact with the teacher asking questions and taking part in the practice.


Attending language lessons is only part of a fantastic journey through another culture: this is why Happy Languages organises lovely events to get to know to the Spanish speaking world and enjoy some time together. This has been possible throughout the years with some lovely film forums, Spanish Gin workshops, salsa and flamenco sessions, coffee meetups and much more: nice occasions to meet new friends, speak Spanish and discover something new!

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