The Only Way to Get Better At Mathematics

The Only Way to Get Better At Mathematics


Why Is Mathematics Difficult?

Mathematics is a subject that almost all students have to deal with throughout their academic lives. However, not all students will actually like learning the subject. This is primarily because most of the concepts are of an abstract nature and it takes some effort to comprehend the concepts. Topics like matrices are elementary and can be learnt with ease. However, as students progress through their classes, mathematical concepts get increasingly difficult.

Changing Perspective

However, it is important to note that the element of “difficulty” is purely subjective. Some students actually find it easy, while the others may struggle. But how do these select group of students comprehend various mathematical concepts with ease? Do they have a special strategy which gives them a lead over others? Does this select group of students have a genetic disposition that enables them to comprehend concepts with ease? Obviously, the answer is a “no”

The Answer

All it takes to get better at mathematics is practice. Indeed, it is often preached by everyone from teachers to fellow students. However, most students underestimate the importance of it. Consider this analogy: A dancer can execute seemingly difficult moves only if they had dedicated adequate time to practice and perfect it. A violinist can play a complicated and rather difficult piece of composition with ease only if they had devoted sufficient time to practice. Similarly, consider mathematics as a skill, the more students commit time to learn, the better they become at the subject. In conclusion, all it takes to get better at mathematics is practice. Practice till perfection. However, there is one other aspect the student should consider – educational resources.


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