MBBS Abroad: Why Students Prefer It & The Perks Of Studying MBBS Abroad

MBBS in India


It is challenging for an average Indian student to get admission for an MBBS course in a government-aided college in India in a typical scenario. Therefore the student is then forced to look for private medical colleges for studying MBBS in India. The education fees for private colleges are  Way too expensive when it comes to prices and the cost of education. Along with that, the medical colleges also demand money in the form of a donation from the students, making it more burden on the students to study MBBS in India. Therefore the students in India prefer to study MBBS  abroad for various other reasons.

The primary reasons for Indian students to study MBBS abroad are:

  1. Various options for colleges abroad:

Many medical colleges have minimum and basic requirements with the best education and infrastructure for the aspirant students.

  1. No Capitation fees:

Various countries do not charge any capitation fees, and therefore, it becomes economical for the students to afford the education in those countries.

  1. Reasonable fees

The medical colleges abroad do charge a very reasonable amount compared to the fees charged by private colleges in India. Therefore, it becomes very affordable for students to study medicine abroad.

  1. Flexibility fees structure:

The medical colleges take fees in parts which makes it highly convenient for the students. Some colleges take the prices annually. Some take it in detail. The students can also approach financial institutions for the loan for payment of their fees.

  1. CV becomes more presentable

Once there is any education qualification degree abroad, the CV automatically becomes attractive for the student. It is an add-on feature to the CV.

  1. Better career options:

once the student completes his studies from any university abroad, then they can either practice in the same country or can visit any other country where the degree is recognized, thus making it significantly easier to get better career opportunities

  1. Meet new people

Yet another benefit for social as well as introverted people is that they get opportunities to meet various new people from different countries coming to one place to study and understand their culture and personality development. It helps in making new friends having a unique vision altogether.

  1. See different countries:

One more additional perk is that the student gets to see a new country, and also it opens up opportunities for visiting other countries. It is not an easy thing every student receives, but it mustn’t be something that every student gets.

  1. Low cost and expenses of living abroad.

The Indian students who intend to study MBBS abroad have opportunities in many countries that offer MBBS education with meager cost of fees. The cost of living in the country is low, making it very cheap and affordable for ordinary people to afford MBBS education abroad in India.

  1. Worldwide recognized and accepted:

There are many countries in the world with colleges having MBBS education and are recognized worldwide by MCI, WHO, and other councils. Therefore it makes it very easy and convenient for the students to have international recognition of their degrees. Hence students choose to study mbbs in Philippines.

  1. Easy admission

The admission process in some countries is so essential that only certain documents are required to process the admission, and no entrance exams or tests are needed.

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