What precautions need to be taken while sending your toddler to child care in Post- Covid times?

precautions need to be taken while sending your toddler to child care in Post


Many kids will return to their Daycare programmes as families continue to re-enter the workplace after COVID-19. After months of not accessing their regular child care, this transition can be complicated for your child. For anyone, returning to child care will carry a combination of emotions. For families transitioning to Daycare after COVID-19, these tips will help make this transition as seamless as possible.

Recognize your thoughts and fears about safety: 

In school, you may have questions about the welfare of your child. Chat with the instructor of your child and the head of the Daycare to learn the procedures to keep kids safe and stable. Ask the director of your child care centre on how the experience of your child when they return will be different.

Anticipate a normal shift:

Expect Daycare in Fairfield providers to practise psychological distancing because of new preventive screening and sanitising criteria. This could include outside pick-up or drop-off practises, the use of children’s daily health screenings upon arrival at childcare, the use of face coverings for parents and children above the age of two, and continued comprehensive adult and infant washing and grooming measures.

Discuss the changes:

Discuss what could have changed and what should be predicted from your infant. Changes inside the Daycare facility can occur, such as

  • Fresh hires
  • Smaller dimensions in classrooms
  • Filled meals rather than meals delivered by child care provider
  • Not all families returned to the same centre for child care

Get back into the rituals of bedtime:

Start to use the school night bed and wake-up times the week before going to Daycare so that everyone can get back into the schedule. If your child has the sleep they deserve, the change back would be smoother for both.

Speak to your kid about his/her thoughts: 

Your child’s been transitioning to a new normal. They may feel nervous or uncertain that they are returning to Daycare. Acknowledge all thoughts and let them know that getting those feelings is good. Ask what will assist them to feel better.

Communicate and agree on ways to support your child with your child’s instructor

Everyone gains as families and Daycare workers agree on how to help a child. Teachers will find it useful to learn whether your child has been subjected to obesity, trauma, domestic violence, or other events that may influence the actions of your child.

Young kids are also reluctant to use words to explain completely how they feel. By being withdrawn, fussy, or more violent, your child will act out their concern. If they realise what is underlying the actions and thoughts, teachers at Daycare in Schofields will offer the care and support the child needs.

They can also have approaches that they use to soothe your child when in Daycare, and at home, you can share activities. This will allow your child to keep the answers consistent. Your child’s teacher or director at centre can also provide input on services that provide children and families with assistance.

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