3 Courses you should do after completing CA

diploma in IFRS


Congratulations on completing your CA course! It must have been a very difficult yet fulfilling journey. However, I hope you know that it does not end here. Getting the CA charter must have been your aim for a long time and now that you have achieved it, it doesn’t feel like everything. You probably want to move forward and do something more. So what to do after CA? Well, you need to continue your professional career. That is probably the most important thing right now. But this lockdown definitely gives you the time to think about another course.

Here are some of the things you could do:

1. Diploma in IFRS

The IFRS course is offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This is probably one of the most reputed courses in International Financial Reporting Standards anywhere. The diploma course will help nurture your knowledge in the standards and create a great understanding. The objective of the course is to make you understand the framework of international accounting, recognize and fulfill disclosure requirements in financial reports and apply thesuitable financial reporting standards to key elements. Also, through the IFRS course duration, you would learn to prepare group financial statements.

The diploma in IFRS would be useful for Chartered Accountants, Finance Managers, Chief Accountants, Company Secretaries, MBAs in finance and other professionals working in accounting domains. If you are a professional accountant, you are eligible for this course. The course is also a great companion if you are growing interest in international opportunities.

2. Chartered Financial Analyst

A lot of people earn a good financial and accounting background through the CA charter. However, if your interest in finance is pushing you towards the investment industry, this is the gold standard you are looking for. A CFA charterholder knows a great deal about portfolio management and investment analysis. The course will take you through the subject matter that enables you to become a risk manager, research analyst, or trader. The qualification will help to boost your financial credentials. You would, however, need to get over three hurdles – the three exam levels to earn the charter.

Being a CA, you would already be quite knowledgeable in the subject matter that you need to clear CFA – as much as 60%.

You would be able to earn the CFA charter is the upcoming 2 years, along with your professional life.

3. ACCA certification

The ACCA certification is a global qualification for accountants. As a qualified Chartered Accountant, you would be eligible for exemptions and you can earn the ACCA qualification by clearing just 4 exams. So, this could easily be your next step after you get the CA charter. You can appear for the exams from the nearest office and ACCA offers flexibility in this regard too. However, before you enrol for this course, know more about the IFRS course details. Both courses are offered by the same body.

These are the courses you should look into after you have completed CA.

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