6 Study Tips That Will Get You Through Your Accelerated Nursing Program

6 Study Tips That Will Get You Through Your Accelerated Nursing Program


The United States is undergoing a shortage of nurses. Even before COVID-19, nursing was ranked as one of the most in-demand jobs.

You can start a new career as a nurse and get paid well for your work. You do need to take the step to get into and graduate from nursing school.

You can go through an accelerated nursing program and cut down the time it takes to become a nurse. Read on to learn a few study tips to manage the demands of school.

Practice Makes Perfect

You have to get into an accelerated program before you can do anything. That means taking the TEAS exam, which is the Test of Academic Skills. This is an assessment of your academic readiness to enter a nursing program.

You need to be sure that you practice the TEAS exam by taking a free TEAS practice test a few times before you sit for the exam.

Taking the time to practice an exam is a good habit to have after you start your accelerated nursing program because you’re going to have to pass the national board exam.

Create a Study Schedule

Accelerated nursing programs are demanding, even more so if you’re working at the same time. You have to maintain a study schedule that works for you. Create blocks on time in your calendar for classes and study sessions.

You may find it useful to have study partners to hold you accountable when you don’t feel like studying.

Stay in Your Lane

It’s really easy to compare yourself to others in a nursing program. Some students will pick up the materials effortlessly. Others will struggle.

You have to remember that you’ll learn the materials in your own way, on your own timeline. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. You’ll only bring yourself down if you’re having a hard time.

Take Care of Yourself

About a third of nurses experience symptoms of burnout. It’s a stressful job, where you are working odd hours and deal with unimaginable pressure. Self-care is a vital practice to withstand the pressures of your job.

You will experience a lot of that pressure in your nursing program. Developing a self-care practice now is going to help you deal with burnout and stress.

Have a Support System in Place

Who can you call with problems in school or just to vent? You want to have 2-3 people that you can count on to support you through challenging times.

Surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through and can encourage you.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

One of the best ways to get through hard times is to remember why you’re doing something to begin with. There will be days that are overwhelming, and you’re going to have to dig deep to handle the pressure.

Create a vision board for you to look at every day and remember why you want to become a nurse.

Conquer Your Accelerated Nursing Program

Are you ready to thrive in your accelerated nursing program? It’s a lot of hard work, but with a bit of planning and the right support system in place, you’ll do great!

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